Cioccolato at Armani Ristorante
Take your fine dining experience in Dubai to another level with our selection of gold dishes served by some of the most trendy restraints in United Arab Emirates.

Dubai is a city of glam and milk and honey, nothing could surprise us anymore. The city indulges us with magnificent hotels, massive and futuristic skyscrapers, posh restaurants and coffee shops, most welcoming shopping malls with the uber luxurious brands. 

What associations does the word “wealth or affluence” evoke in your mind? It is obviously gold! Gold is synonymous with luxury.  Gold has always been used in jewelry; about 78% of gold consumed each year is made into jewelry, in cosmetics, in electronics, medicine and etc. But the most flamboyant use of gold is in food.

The obsession with edible gold is taking the luxury cuisine world by storm, as flavorless, odorless, nontoxic, edible gold is used as a garnish for desserts, cocktails and even main courses such as hamburgers and sushi. Edible gold has become a key ingredient and an expression of luxury and wealth.  

Where did it take its roots? The Egyptians were the first to consume gold for the mental, bodily and spiritual purification that was associated with it. The alchemists of Alexandria developed an elixir made of liquid gold that they believed that it was capable of rejuvenating, restoring youth. It is thought that Cleopatra slept in a pure gold face mask every night as a means to enhance her bewitching beauty. Ancient Egyptians weren’t the only people to use gold as a ceremonial offering. For centuries, Eastern civilizations such as the Japanese have been using gold leaf as a decorative food and beverage garnish, and even various medicines and remedies.

In addition to the ceremonial and luxurious association gold has, it is believed to supplement health and longevity. In the middle of the 16th century, European noblemen used gold leaf to decorate their food. They used to serve bread, oysters, quail and carp which were luxuriously decorated with gold leaf at banquets and weddings.

Nowadays the scientists proved that gold is considered to be biologically inert and it does not absorb in your body. It means gold neither harms nor brings benefits to your health. It is simply a symbol of luxury and opulence.

Edible gold is quite an attractive ingredient among the world luxury cuisine but it is in Dubai the gold has become the most popular and in immense demand.

Let’s have a look at some of the most trendy gold infused and decorated dishes which are works of visual art and bring aesthetic pleasure to the customers.Whether you live in Dubai or visiting, you can taste and enjoy the most sophisticated specials we have carefully chosen for you!

Element 79 cocktail at Gold on 27 bar

Element 79 cocktail

Element 79 cocktail is served at Burj Al Arab Hotel at Gold on 27 bar. It is the most signature and iconic cocktail in the bar. Element 79 is the atomic number for gold. It is a simple, sophisticated, alcohol-free sparkling grape cocktail served with a sugar cube and effervescent golden cloud. The price of this mesmerizing cocktail is AED 145.

Black Diamond Ice cream at Scoopi Café

Black Diamond Ice cream

You can try the most exquisite and the most expensive ice cream in Dubai. It will cost you AED3000. This specialty is served in a golden handcrafted bowl and a silver spoon which you can keep after eating the ice cream. It will make your mouth water at Scoopi Café.

Gold burgers at Hard rock café.

Gold burgers at Hard rock café

Gold burger is fresh Steak Burger topped with 24-Karat edible gold leaf, Tillamook cheddar cheese, leaf lettuce, vine-ripened tomato and red onion. The 24-Karat Gold Leaf Steak Burger™ is only for true rock stars! It will cost you only AED135. AED10 of every order goes to charity to aid in world hunger!

23 Karat Gold Cappuccino at Armani Hotel

23 Karat Gold Cappuccino

Armani Hotel Dubai in The Burj Khalifa introduced a gold cappuccino adorned with 23-Karat gold flakes and served alongside dark chocolate AED75. It continues to be available at the hotel’s Armani/Lounge on Lobby Level.

24 Karat Gold samosas at Yalla Samosa

24 Karat Gold samosas at Yalla Samosa

Yalla Samosa restaurant takes innovation to new heights by unleashing 24-Karat Gold Samosa. You can choose a filling and let the chefs give you the luxurious Gold experience. Average cost is AED100 for two people.

Cioccolato at Armani Ristorante

Cioccolato at Armani Ristorante

This chocolate will definitely blow your mind away! It features dark chocolate mousse, white cremoso, cocoa sponge, milkshake sauce and 24-Karat gold. The indulgence will cost you AED95.

Gold chicken nuggets and fries at Trophy Room

Gold chicken nuggets and fries at Trophy Room

In the menu the “Go for Gold” package offers 24-Karat gold dusted chicken nuggets and golden fries, accompanied by a golden tariff of AED185. There is a total of 4 chicken nuggets in the dish and guests can choose between 3 different sauces: Danish blue cheese dip; black pepper ranch; ranch sauce. Trophy Room is the first and so far the only venue in Dubai to offer golden chicken nuggets.

Beluga Gold Cigar

Enjoying a gastronomic delight Beluga Gold Cigar at the exquisite Russian restaurant Beluga completes a perfection.

We hope you like our selection of Gold dishes offered by Dubai restaurants. Which one would you want to try first?