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These 10 Artists will surely make your Instagram feed pop and show you wonderful art in the UAE.

The art scene is growing fast in the Unites Arab Emirates, with international artists choosing it as a second home and local talent emerging.

To keep up with the ever-evolving art community, Arte & Lusso would like to share ten Dubai based artists to discover on Instagram that will definitely get you inspired. Explore our list of some of our favorite artists with and their unique art styles and colorful feeds! Keep an eye on their journeys and consider investing in their work as they will surely keep growing.

Kristel Bechara

Instagram @kristelbechara

Kristel Bechara is an award-winning Dubai based, Lebanese artist. She is notably know for her lively use of patterns and eye-catching colors. Primarily working with oil, acrylic and giclée printmaking mediums, she dazzles with her contemporary works that never fail to evoke everyone’s emotions.

Follow the artist’s work on Instagram @kristelbechara

Idriss b

Idriss b is a French Tunisian, Dubai based artist. His particular origami/polygon style is hard to miss when you spot one of his sculptures around the city. Being part of World Art Dubai in 2020, he was sure to captivate the audience with his art.

You can follow Idriss b on Instagram: @idrissbcom

Gigi Gorlova


Gigi Gorlova is a British artist and Graphic Designer who focuses on 3D art. She is currently based in Dubai and is a verified crypto artist. Gorlova recently became on the UAE’s first digital designer to become crypto-verified and sold her 3D artwork as NFTs.

You can follow Gigi Gorlova on Instagram: @gigigorlova_

Mark Rios, Mr.Dripping

Recognized as Mr.Dripping, Rios is an artist and fashion designer with a very unique art style. Using his dripping technique to create highly skilled work, he surely mesmerized the UAE with his visit at the ME hotel earlier this year. It is no surprise his art has reached major events such as Art Basel Miami, and Formula One.

You can follow Mr. Dripping: @mrdrippingofficial

Zeinab Alhashemi

Zeinab Alhashemi is an Emirati artist who is based in the UAE. Specializing in Multimedia Design, she is illustrious for her contemporary work. The artist is highly inspired by the UAE’s development, making contrasts between the urban landscapes and nature. She will be part of EXPO2021 Dubai at the Sustainable pavilion.

Youu can follow Zeinab Alhashemi: @zalhashemi

Fatma Lootah


Fatma Lootah was born in Dubai. Her inspiration for her art is majorly the Emirati life and culture. Though she is not based in the UAE, her art continues to retain a strong cultural identity. She is well known for her mixed style that combines digital and acrylic.

You can follow Fatma Lootah on Instagram: @fatmalootah

Manasse Rampino

manasse ramping artists to discover at world art dubai

Manasse is an Italian artist based in Dubai. His works are mainly inspired by classical and pop art. He wanted the art to reflect his love for colors so he started experimenting. Working with bright fluorescent colors, he gives his subjects who are classic icons, graffiti, and cartoons, a colorful background.

Follow Manasse Rampino on Instagram: @Manasse_paintings

Leonardo Partida Prieto

Leonardo Partida Prieto is a Mexican artist in Abu Dhabi. He explores a plethora of subjects in his artworks, which can be easily spotted due to his use of colors or important social messages that he incorporates into his pieces.

Follow Leonardo Partida Prieto on instagram: @leonardopartidaprieto

Ramy El Zaghawy

Ramy El Zaghawy is an Egyptian Mural Artist who was born and raised in the UAE. He is particularly known for his vibrant and ultra realistic street art that can be seen all over the country.

Follow Ramy El Zaghawy on instagram:

Ivana Zankevich

Ivana Zankevich is a Digital & Analogue collage artist based in the UAE. Her style of art is hard to miss as her work is sure to catch everyone’s attention. By combining different elements into a collage that is animated, she is able to create unique pieces which are now selling as NFTs.

Follow Ivana Zankevich on Instagram: @ivana.zankevich

We hope you enjoyed our selection of Dubai Based artists – let us know whose work you liked most or who else deserves to be on our list.

Stay inspired,